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I usually doesn't download much software that doesn't have screenshots (except the Linux kernel :), so here they are:

Runtime Song display

This screenshot shows my regular Enlightenment desktop, with a small yet effective active song title display.

Some people prefer the huge and flashy graphics, so if someone out there writes a GUI (or some nice text-based interface, this isn't one of those =), send me a mail, so I can add your name and link on this site, and perhaps add the code to the project tar-ball, making it even more useful.

Configuration file

This is one of my configuration files.


This is the builtin webserver, showing part of the current playlist.
This is just a regular html-file, featuring some of my own tags, like the playListTitle-tag. As you can see, the builtin webserver has some basic support for images, which I will completely rewrite for the next release :)


Here's a screenshot of some of the code. Top left is the webserver site, with some special tags in row 11, 18 and 21, allowing YOU to make your own playlist site.
Top right is the song display application. It really is easy to create a frontend to the MP3 Control Server.

The lower buffer is the main server code. And the nifty configuration file parsing, on row 30 and 31.


This is my regular way of interacting with the MP3 Control server. I have Enlightenment keybindings against the client CLI program.

The XF86Audio-keys are the specialkeys on the MS Natural Pro keyboard (although I spray-painted it black, with only the L, I, N, U and X-keys unsprayed). The MS keyboard actually have something to say now :)