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What's this?

The MP3 Control Server (Ruby edition) is exactly what it sounds like.
A server which primary purpose is to control MP3 songs.

As you also easily figured out from the <TITLE> tag, it's entirely written in Ruby, IMHO the coolest language available for the moment.
100% object oriented, but if you don't like to think OO (or just to lazy for it =), you don't have to :)

Why Ruby?

I'm just beginning to learn Ruby, and after my initial project (a basic High Availability Cluster), I wanted to develop something which I could actually have some use for.
Programming Ruby is Fun, and it's possible to do a lot with just a 5 or 6 rows of code (for instance, a webserver).

And then we have the wonderful regex functionality. No need to compile a regex just in order to be able to use it (like C), here it's a native object, making it a pure pleasure working with it :)

The possibilities to write code so beautiful that it'll extend anyones life by 3 years just by looking at it are endless (but so is the opposite, just have a look at the MP3 Control Server :).

So.. hm.. Why? If I may ask?

Yes, you may :)
When I was working under Windows (the bad old times :) I used Winamp, and developed a kind of front-end to it. It hid Winamp completely, and showed itself as a black rectangel, 19 pixels high, at the top of the screen.
All interfacing was done with hotkeys (the WIN + [Z,X,C,V,B] keys, mapped to Winamps), and I could play my music without ever having to see my MP3 player. After all, it's supposed to play music, nothing else.

So when I made the move to Linux (Slackware distribution), I had to come up with a way to make XMMS or some other MP3 player work the same way.
I started out with XMMS, using Enlightenment keybindings to control it through command line switches. This had two disadvantages. First, XMMS was kind of slow in fast switches between songs, and second, I had to run X to be able to play music at all. That's not very good :(

So I started to look at command line alternatives. MPG123 of course. After having discarded the control keys (the -C switch) in combination with their not-so-good playlist management, I looked through the documentation, and found the README.remote file. And it offered everything I wanted a MP3 player to do. Play, pause, stop, forward and backward some seconds within the current song, and so on.

What it didn't offered was playlist management, so I wrote my own instead, suiting me all the better. Now I easily can switch between playlists, without ever having to use the GUI (because it's for the moment non-existent :).

What's with you and grids?

Dunno. Guess it's just some preparation if the men in white takes me away some day :)
(Or, it could be lack of imagination, and that the Gimp offers a filter which generates perfectly fine grids... ... ... nah =)

Ok, I've had it. Get me out of here, you s******g piece of ****!

Ok, here 'ya go: "We're all going to hell anyway, so I'll just go there sooner!"