I want ALL comments :)


Me, myself, and my ego! Oh... you wanted the functionality... Well ok:

  • Easy and powerful command line interface
  • Previous song, next song, play, pause, stop, 5 s (or whatever) forwards and backward in current song
  • All communication is UDP-based, making it as natural to control it over a network as on your local computer.
  • Builtin IP authentication control (don't expect a fullfeatured firewall, that's why we have NetFilter!)
  • Builtin webserver, displaying playlists and song information (also allows controlling the server)
  • Easy and powerful configuration files (parsed with 2 rows of Ruby, I love this language =)
  • One-command playlist switching
  • Random (on/off in runtime!) and repeat functionality on a per-playlist basis
  • An actually meaningful playlist display in random mode (for the moment via the builin webserver)
  • Easy to interface (webserver, GUI or whatever)
  • Enough bugs to alone justify anti-cimex' existence :)

Not featuring...

  • Errorhandling (hardcore hackers reads the source and just avoids triggering bugs :)
Better errorhandling will come (when I have time, or the day someone sends me a mail, showing that somebody out there actually cares =)